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Track and Field

FAQ from Parents and Athletes

Questions/Clarification for Parents
~When athletes sign up for events, is there a limit to how many sign up?
    Athletes can participate in up to 4 events.  They can NOT be in both the 4x100 and 4x200.
    Most meets allow unlimited entries per event, but some will limit the entries.
    Coaches will use their discretion to put the best 2 or 3 athletes in each event in every grade level.
    Coaches will try (no guarantees) to make sure everyone can participate in at least one event at the meet.

~When your child is done with their event, you may take them home if you make contact with a coach.  Otherwise there is always a bus that goes back to Oak Grove.

~How do we accessing the link to the Meet Sign Up and order Spirit Wear?
Everything is accessible through the OGS Track and Field Website.
In order to sign up for a meet, you may access the google spreadsheet and sign yourself up.  
    You can find the Google Sheet on the OGS track and field website.

~1600 meter run is the individual mile run, the 4 x 400 is the mile relay (four participants per team plus one alternate)

~Anywhere to practice for high jump and long jump?
    There is nowhere to practice at Oak Grove School.  
    We can practice skills, but the only time we "practice" these events are at LHS and meets

~Do we take a bus to the meets?
    We typically take two busses (boys & girls) to the meets.  
    Since several students get a ride home from their parents, we take one bus back to Oak Grove.

~How come it says 7th and 8th grade but NO 6th grade when referring to meets?
    Track & Field can be a 5-8 sport, however we only have divisions for 7th and 8th grade in our sectional.
    It is very uncommon for a meet to have a separate division for 5th/6th graders.
    WITH THAT BEING SAID, 6th graders CAN compete in the sectional meet and qualify for the state meet.
    Coaches can enter 6th graders as part of 7th or 8th grade events.
    7th graders can also be entered to compete in 8th grade events.
    However, 8th graders cannot compete in 7th grade events or relay teams.

~If I cannot be at Conference, can I go to Sectionals?
    Conference and Sectionals are two completely separate events in track & field, so yes.  If you cannot attend Conference, you can still run in Sectionals, however, not all athletes are guaranteed a spot in either/both.  More details to come as we come closer to the events.  Until then, please do not rule out Sectionals if you cannot make it to Conference.

~Do athletes have to change for Track?
    Yes, please wear athletic gear with good running shoes to practice.
    Please bring WARM CLOTHES and preferably blankets/gloves/hats/scarves for meets, as it gets CHILLY!
    You can always take layers off, but you can't put them on if you aren't prepared. It's cool to be warm!

~How long do the meets last?
    The time that you finish participating in the meet will vary.  
    The bus usually gets back by 8:00pm the latest.  
    The amount of time you spend at a meet depends on your events and whether or not you take the bus home.

~Field Events are “cafeteria” style…???
    Get in line, and first come first serve! Sometimes you do three jumps/throws in a row!

~Are relays last?
    The 4x400 relay is the last event. The 4x100 and 4x200 are in the middle (you can't be in both) but you CAN run in the 4x100 OR 4x200 and also participate in the 4x400.

~Sometimes practice is at LHS???
    You can practice everything - try as many events as you like :)
    There will be two buses there and one bus back, leaving at 6:00, returning to OGS by 6:15.

~How much do the shot puts weigh? What about the discus?
     The shot puts are an 8 pound ball - We also have heavier ones for practice.
     The discus is 1 K - We also have a heavier one for practice.

~Girls run 100m hurdles, Boys run 110m hurdles, but they are set at the same low height (30 inches), 10 hurdles total.