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Volleyball Parent/Player General Info

Using volleyball to teach life skills and create exceptional, well rounded young ladies.  Leadership, strong work ethic, humility, teamwork, creativity, communication, grace, resiliency, community service and respect are just some of the skills your daughter will acquire during the season.

Team Philosophy
Emphasis is placed on the development of individual skill, team game strategy, designation of role or position players, and team unity among all players. While equal playing time is difficult to anticipate in the game of volleyball, all athletes will compete in each match.     

*Parents, if your athlete has a question about playing time, please encourage your daughter to talk to their coach personally.  It is an important life skill we are teaching the athletes about self-advocacy and giving them the opportunity to find out first hand what skills they need to improve on in order to see more court time.  If the first conversation is between coach and parent, we have lost this teachable moment.   

Practice Schedule/Location
Daily practices are conducted from 3:35 to 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday in the Patt gym. Occasionally there may be a Friday practice. The 7th grade and 8th grade teams will typically combine practice. Coaches will inform the athletes and parents in a timely manner if a practice schedule is changed.

Parents, please contact your daughter after away matches if you are running late so she can let the coach know when they will be picked up. Typically they will phone when the bus is 10-15 minutes from returning to the school. Parents may pick up their daughter at the away matches as long as the coach knows they will not be returning on the bus.

You must attend all practices and all matches. If you do not attend school, you are not allowed to practice or play in the match. If you are home sick, please call or email to notify the coach you will not be at practice or the match. It is the player’s responsibility to inform the coach when they will not be present, have an appointment, or are ill so the coach can alter the practice plans. Again this is one of those life skills we are aiming to build in terms of being good time managers, conscientious team members, and solid communicators.

NOTE:  You must be in attendance for at least half of the day to participate in practice or compete in a game.  Attendance at school and practice the day before a contest and/or tournament is required.  Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, but continued and repeated illness the day prior to competitions may result in an athlete being withheld from that competition at the discretion of the coach.  Unexcused absences, and absences that are not reported to the coach prior to practice time or in a timely manner, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the coach.

Dress Policy
All athletes will dress nicely for away game days, unless otherwise arranged by the coaches. For home contests, players may be allowed to wear school colors, their team shirt, etc. Decisions about what to wear will be designated during the practice prior to the game. Appropriate dress for away games include the following: dress slacks, khakis, appropriate length skirts, leggings, dresses, blouses, dressy shorts, and nice shoes (classy apparel).

The spirit of the dressing policy is to promote the sport, respect the opponent, team unity, and promote a positive, professional image for the program. If you question whether your attire supports these objectives, it probably should not be worn. All attire will strictly adhere to the school dress code as well. Your attire not only says something about you, but also about Oak Grove’s athletic program.

Items that should not be worn on away game days: t-shirts, jean shorts, jeans, jean skirts, low-cut tank tops, sweats, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.