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1:1 @ Oak Grove School

Oak Grove School has always valued how technology impacts the learning environment of our students, but prior to 2014-15, students always had to share devices.  Sharing devices did not pose much of a problem in the early days when most computer usage occurred in a lab environment.  Even when wireless technology was introduced to the school and we were able to bring devices into the classroom, sharing  was not a problem.  Laptops were used as a valuable addition to the classroom, but they were not yet considered to be crucial to student learning.  As time went on, technology became more ubiquitous, more devices were made available to our students and teachers, and online resources became increasingly useful.  As teachers and students began to rely on having dependable devices with robust internet access, the downside of sharing devices became apparent.  Eventually we realized that most of the problems our students were having with technology could be solved by having a device that they did not have to share with other students.  Asking the Board of Education to commit the necessary resources to provide adequate numbers of devices, however, required due diligence.

Our technology team has always kept up to date with best practices by attending conferences, reading tremendous amounts of literature on the subject of 1 to 1 learning environments, and by following up with 1 to 1 schools in our area.  In 2013-14, Oak Grove teachers applied for grants that would enable them to have a 1 to 1 classroom.  Our grant recipients did an outstanding job piloting for us and regularly shared their experiences with their peers and the Board of Education. By March 2014, all of our teachers had clearly indicated that they were very enthusiastic about the opportunities “all day access” for our students would bring.  We are grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to providing the best learning environment possible for our students!

At the May 2014 Board of Education meeting, the Board unanimously approved the purchase of enough iPads and iPad minis to assign to every student in grades K-5.  During this transition, by reallocating the laptops owned by the school, we were able to have a laptop available for ech 6-8 student use throughout the school day.  This was a huge step forward, but the laptops were still only available to students during the school day.  In 2015, the Board of Education approved a new policy that would allow any student that wanted to take their school-assigned laptop or iPad home with them, provided that the parents agreed to the damage policy.  This program has been very successful, and has allowed our students the opportunity to continue learning beyond the school day and the school walls.  We are very grateful to our BOE and to our community for supporting our 1:1 program!