Modify your lunch orders

PTO lunches can be modified online from August 31st until until 3 p.m. on September 14th. PLEASE NOTE:  ANY MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR CHILD'S LUNCHES WILL NOT TAKE EFFECT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 21st.

Please click here to view/modify your lunch order

New Website Preview

As announced last year, Oak Grove School is moving their web site to be hosted by CampusSuite. You can get a preview of the web site here. Please note that the search function will not work until a few days after this site officially becomes ""

Summer Construction Videos

Oswaldo Suarez, head of building and grounds, has been documenting the summer construction process.  We will post videos as they are produced...enjoy!

Renovations at OGS!

Oak Grove is in the 4th year of major renovations to the school facility. The Board established a Facilities Committee to organize and execute the plans for these renovations. One of the tasks has been to establish a timeline and checklist of dates that must be met to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

Below, as a reference, you will see the proposed calendar the Facilities Committee has adopted as we begin preparations for the 2016 summer. We hope it helps you understand the planning and process involved in our renovation projects.

Oak Grove School District 68
Facilities Committee Annual Calendar
June 18, 2015
Мопth Construction Project Furniture Project Tech Project
January Bid opening 1. Update furniture selection and scope Bid documents
2. Finish and color selections
February Bid Review 1. Furniture budget finalized Bid Summer Project
2. Present furniture to Facilities and Board
Junior High Learning Center Early Hours

The Junior High Learning Center is offering 4th-8th grade students an opportunity to finish homework, check-out books, complete assignments from online textbooks or read. This is NOT an option to the playground or for social gathering.

The Learning Center will be open Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30 am until the first bell rings at 8:15 am. First come, first served - up to 30 students (overflow is sent to the playground). Students must enter through the Junior High entrance, then sign-in with the Junior High Office and again in the Junior High Learning Center.

Students may not be in the hallways before or during Early Hours. The Oak Grove School AUP applies. No eating, drinking or use of cell phones are allowed in the Learning Center. Parents MAY NOT drop off students before 7:30 am! Visits to lockers or teachers is not permitted. Only students that have an appt. set up with a teacher ahead of time will be allowed in hallways.

Student's who demonstrate disruptive behavior will be sent outside for the 1st offense. The 2nd offense will result in a one-week suspension from early hours. Upon the 3rd offense, the student will lose Early Library privileges for the trimester.

We will begin Tues., Sept. 8th. Occasionally early library hours will be canceled due to other events in the JH LC. Check the school website.

The desktops in the library are available for student use. They will not have access to their laptops or ipads during early hours.

Oak Grove Extended Day

Oak Grove School will be taking over the extended day program in the fall.  If you would like to sign your child up for extended day care, please click the following links for information about the program and registration documents. Extended Day Program registration paperwork can be mailed to the school or dropped off in the Elementary Office.

Extended Day Program

Extended Day Registration Form

Extended Day Parent Handbook 

15-16 Extra Curricular Activities

PLEASE CLICK HERE for a list of available extra curricular activities in 2015-16.

Important dates for 2015-16

CLICK HERE for a copy of important dates in 2015-16!


Our thanks to the OGSEF and the members of their Business Partner Program