Teaching and Learning

Grading and Reporting

Oak Grove School utilized standards-based reporting in grades K-6.

Oak Grove’s philosophy on assessing student learning aims to instill in our students the ability to grow their own learning and ultimately progress toward their academic and personal goals.

  • Reporting should be accurate, consistent, meaningful and supportive of learning 
  • A student’s academic knowledge is assessed separately from their behaviors (learner characteristics)
  • Students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning

What is a standards based mindset?
‚ÄčThe goal of standards based learning and developing a standards based mindset is to provide the teacher, student, and parent an accurate picture of the student’s learning and to encourage a dialogue about how the student can move toward mastery of standards. 

Standards based learning: 

  • Is a process that takes place over time
  • Provides feedback for students to focus their learning
  • Allows teachers and parents to keep track of next steps for student growth

Purpose of Reporting
At Oak Grove School, the purpose of progress reporting is to clearly communicate with parents and students about the mastery of specific learning standards and student learner characteristics. Progress reporting identifies students’ levels of progress with regard to those standards, areas of strength, and areas where additional time and effort are needed.

Accurate: The reporting should reflect student learning by providing timely, descriptive feedback of what each student knows and is able to do.

Consistent: Teachers will work collaboratively to establish clear expectations around learning standards. Throughout instruction, teachers will convey learning objectives and expectations for mastery to students.

Meaningful: Feedback clearly communicates what learning has taken place. In standards based learning, student work is assessed in order to identify areas of strength and to address areas of development for each student. 

Supportive of Learning: Standards based learning supports student learning by focusing on the material that has or has not been learned, rather than on accumulating points to reach a certain total. Standards based learning, assessing, and reporting also supports student learning by providing multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning.


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