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Social Emotional Learing in Grades K-5

At Oak Grove School, students receive explicit instruction around SEL concepts and skills in grades K-5. Students receive a 30-minute lesson at least once a week directed by the SEL teacher, Susie Kiefer.

What's Going on in SEL this week?

Soaring Eagles Theme: Problem Solving

In SEL, the focus has been on problems. Before we can get to the first step to solve a problem, we need to calm down. Students will review the calming down strategies this month. Once we are calm enough to think, we go through the problem solving steps:

  • Say the problem
  • Think of a solution
  • Explore the consequences
  • Pick the best solution

Students are also taught to focus on the size of the problem and are taught their reaction should match the size of the problem. Often, we overreact to a problem that is just a little or medium problem.

The SIZE of the problem needs to have a reaction that matches. When your child is upset, ask them what size problem it is that they would like to solve. 

  • TINY-ME- (tie their shoe, broken pencil) 
  • LITTLE- WE- (rock paper scissors who goes first, what we play)
  • MEDIUM- Help- I need help from the nurse because I cut my knee. Something is high on a shelf.
  • BIG- Nurse called my mom to take me to the doctor because my arm is broken. Me, nurse, parent, doctor, (many helpers).
  • HUGE- Tornado- We need help from everyone! 

Do we sometimes scream, shout or explode when it’s really a size 2 problem? Are we asking our parents for help when it’s something we should try to solve? It’s important that we have a reaction that matches the size of the problem because if we can’t control our emotions, we often make size 2 problems into size 3 or bigger! 

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